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In the fall of 1971, I was a sophomore at Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts, studying, among other things Italian language and literature. Hoping to improve my fluency, I attended a weekly “Italian Table” held in one of the school’s

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The Coming Zombie Apocalypse

Lately, I find myself worrying about the imminent zombie apocalypse. It began when my partner introduced me to the American Movie Classics (AMC) cable channel series, The Walking Dead (based on the series of graphic novels by Robert Kirkman, Tony

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One More Thing

The day after I published Friday’s blog post (The Thing I Don’t Get), I took a second look at the image from Facebook that set me off. For those of us with non-eidetic memories, here it is again: When I

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The Thing I Don’t Get

Someone I knew in high school posted this image on Facebook, along with the comment, “Thoughts?” I know that abortion politics is one of those swamps that we are advised to stay away from, but I have a problem with

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Nightmare on psychotherapy street

Books I read do not usually give me nightmares, but Sybil Exposed did. That is not hyperbole. Debbie Nathan’s new book gave me actual nightmares — something I almost never have. Long ago, when I was in graduate school studying

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Pretty? Ugly? Or both?

Many years ago I visited a couple living on top of a mountain in the wilds of Maine. The husband had the reputation of being somewhat eccentric — if I recall correctly he was building a garage out of beer

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Bachmann’s 6-6-6 economic plan

WATERLOO, IA — Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) told Fox News that she is offering a better alternative to the 9-9-9 plan proposed by Herman Cain. Dubbed the “6-6-6 Plan,” Bachmann feels that it is the first viable roadmap to prosperity

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