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One More Thing

The day after I published Friday’s blog post (The Thing I Don’t Get), I took a second look at the image from Facebook that set me off. For those of us with non-eidetic memories, here it is again: When I

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The Thing I Don’t Get

Someone I knew in high school posted this image on Facebook, along with the comment, “Thoughts?” I know that abortion politics is one of those swamps that we are advised to stay away from, but I have a problem with

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More fun with fructose

Over on Medscape, an article has just been posted that is relevant to a blog entry of mine from over a year ago (“A Fruitless Call to Arms“). This recent article by Salwa W. Rizkalla is titled, “Health implications of

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The dietary cure-all

Yesterday, over on HuffPost, Michael Pollan wrote the following, in an article titled “‘Food Rules’: A Completely Different Way To Fix The Health Care Crisis”: “Make no mistake: our health care crisis is in large part a crisis of the

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Sticky ideas

Some doctors listen, carefully, to their patients. They listen first, consider, ponder, and make thoughtful suggestions. But there are other doctors who dash into and out of the examination room and seem to get all slaphappy with psychiatric labels. Years

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A fruitless call to arms

I feel so badly for anyone who is trying to raise a healthy kid or grow a healthy fetus or just live a healthy life. There you are, bopping along, doing the best you can. When whaddayaknow, out pops a

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