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The immunological price of social pain

Stress is one of those fuzzy psychological constructs. It is usually defined as a state of mental or emotional strain, and a chronically ill friend of mine used to call it the “dirty little secret of chronic illness.” Why? Because

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More fun with fructose

Over on Medscape, an article has just been posted that is relevant to a blog entry of mine from over a year ago (“A Fruitless Call to Arms“). This recent article by Salwa W. Rizkalla is titled, “Health implications of

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Why science isn’t gospel

I’m reading an excellent and beautiful book by Gerald N. Callahan, Ph.D., called Faith, Madness, and Spontaneous Human Combustion: What Immunology Can Teach Us about Self-Perception. Is that a terrific title or what? I fear that this book might not

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Seeking the story behind the papers

I’m working on a review of the literature on idiopathic anaphylaxis (IA). It’s an odd form of archaeology, rather like reconstructing Mesopotamian mores and culture from a bunch of clay shipping receipts. What I mean is that the real meat

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The plight of coughing Norwegians

This is a story about cough syrup. Well, actually, it’s a story about cough syrup in Norway. We Americans sometimes are not all that interested in stories that take place in other parts of the world, but this is one

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